Danielle And Simon In Front Of 42 Class

Journey Beyond expands its trains offering, welcoming Vintage Rail Journeys to its portfolio of iconic experiences.

4 June 2024

Further information on itineraries, bookings and pricing will be released in July 2024.


Who bought Vintage Rail Journeys?

Vintage Rail Journeys has sold its iconic 1962 ex-Southern Aurora sleeping carriages to Journey Beyond. 

When did Journey Beyond buy Vintage Rail Journeys?

Vintage Rail Journeys was added to the Journey Beyond portfolio of iconic experiences on June 4 2024.

Why are there no tour dates on the Vintage Rail Journeys website?

Vintage Rail Journeys has cancelled all of its upcoming tours as of 4 June 2024 and all forward dates have been removed from the website.

I had a booked Vintage Rail Journeys tour, what happens now?

All bookings as at 4 June 2024 on a Vintage Rail Journeys tour have been cancelled and deposits/payments have been refunded in full. 

Can I use a Vintage Rail Journeys credit for a Journey Beyond product?

Vintage Rail Journeys has refunded all deposits/payments made towards future tours to guests. Journey Beyond is currently reviewing options to complement their existing world-class rail operations (which includes The Ghan and Indian Pacific) and will announce these shortly.

Can I get information about Journey Beyond products? 

Vintage Rail Journeys has sent an email to everybody on our database. This email included an option for Vintage Rail Journeys guests to be added to the Journey Beyond mailing list going forwards. You can subscribe to the Journey Beyond Travel Club via this link https://www.journeybeyond.com/journey-beyond-travel-club-sign-up/

What are Simon and Danielle planning next?

We have been honoured that over the last 5 years around 2,500 guests have trusted us to take them on their holiday. Over the course of 29 tours, we have been able to showcase regional NSW, taking guests out of the city and into the bush to meet with some truly amazing communities. 

When we started this business, we didn’t know whether anyone would want to go on holiday on our Vintage Train! What we didn’t expect is to have guests come back multiple times with us, or for us to feel a friendship connection with so many. 

At the end of the financial year, we will be taking a bit of a break! And while we haven’t made any plans as yet, we think it might include some travelling around Australia and the world!

Thank you, for your good humour, friendship and support during our time as custodians of these carriages.

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