The Best Reasons to Travel Domestically: Stay Close to Home This Year

In a world where international travel can often dominate our vacation plans, there’s something truly special about exploring the wonders of your own backyard. We have come up with just 5 of the top reasons why we think domestic travel is not just a good idea but a great one! 

1. Convenience and Accessibility – Explore Without the Hassle

Say goodbye to lengthy flights, airport queues, and jet lag woes. We think domestic travel offers the convenience of shorter travel times and easier accessibility. We know that travelling internationally has become tricky over the past couple of years, but in Australia, domestic flights are still fairly easy. Prefer the train? Well, why not make it a rail tour from start to finish by arriving in Sydney by train.

2. Navigating Travel Insurance – The Case for Domestic Coverage

Travel insurance is always a good idea, regardless of where you travel, but we are being told that international travel insurance has become almost prohibitive for some of our guests. In the older traveller age bracket, it can sometimes be just easier to get and pay for domestic travel insurance.

3. Service Without the Price Tag – Business Class Experience all the way

At the end of our tours, Guests have told us they feel like they’ve just spent 5 days in business class. Considering many of our crew have spent long careers providing exceptional service on Business Class International flights, this may not be surprising! If we compare like with like, a one way business class flight to Europe would cost almost as much as the entire 5 days on our train. Indulge in the comfort of our meticulously restored 1960s train carriages and enjoy personalised service, all while exploring the beauty of Regional NSW.

4. Discover Hidden Gems – Uncover Treasures in your backyard

We try to find bespoke experiences – we’ve sought out 3rd and 4th generation farmers, who have a great story to tell and are willing to share their story and their farm/orchards with our guests. We’ve arranged with volunteers at museums to open up outside their usual, often restricted opening hours. Domestic travel allows you to unearth hidden gems and explore destinations you may have never considered before. So even if you have been to some of the places on our itinerary, there is a high chance that we’ll be showing you an aspect that you wouldn’t have accessed on your prior travels. From charming country towns to breathtaking natural landscapes, Australia is brimming with opportunities for discovery and adventure. Join us as we journey through the heart of Regional NSW and uncover the beauty that lies just beyond your doorstep.

5. Support Local Communities – Make a Difference, One Journey at a Time

By choosing to travel domestically, you’re not just exploring new destinations – you’re also supporting local communities and businesses. From visiting family-owned farms to eating locally, your travel dollars have a direct impact on the livelihoods of those in the regions you visit. Experience the warmth of Australian hospitality and leave a positive footprint wherever you go.

With so many compelling reasons to travel domestically, why wait? Plan your next adventure with Vintage Rail Journeys and experience the best that Australia has to offer. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, our 5-day, 4-night rail tours promise an unforgettable journey filled with great service, discovery, and unparalleled hospitality.

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