The Finest Train In The World Poster

NSW Government Railways travel posters 

“It’s Always Spring in an air conditioned train” One of the nicest things about owning a piece of history is the way that other people have a connection to it. So many of our guests …

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Window Restoration

Restoration Chronicles: Window Replacement

Introduction: Today, we take you behind the scenes at Thirlmere’s New South Wales Rail Museum, where our team of Simon, Tracy, and Adrian (with John doing the video!) are replacing windows in the iconic Southern …

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Group travelling on the Train

Foster Connections and Friendships

At the heart of Vintage Rail Journeys lies a unique aspect that goes beyond the scenic landscapes and nostalgic charm—it’s a platform for fostering connections and friendships. Simon and Danielle recently had the pleasure of …

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Simon and Danielle Origin Story

Vintage Rail Journeys – Origin Story

When Simon came home one day and casually mentioned to his partner of ten years that he bought a train, he got the raise of the eyebrows that he expected from Danielle. After all, she …

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