Vintage Rail Journeys Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page provides answers to the most common questions we get asked about our rail tours.

If you have any other questions about our rail tours or train, please feel free to contact

Our tours require a reasonable level of fitness and a good level of mobility. Heritage trains are not designed to accommodate wheelchair or walker reliant passengers.

If booking a Twinette room, one member of your party will need to be able to climb a ladder up to and down from the top bunk.

You will need to be able to embark and disembark trains, coaches and other methods of transportation without assistance, handle your own luggage, walk moderate distances, stand comfortably and climb steps and stairs.

Heritage trains are not designed to accommodate wheelchair or walker reliant passengers as the corridors are very narrow with tight turns and heavy inter carriage connecting doors. A walking stick, if for stability, can be brought on-board and kept in your compartment.

Yes. Please discuss this with your Guest Attendant when you board the train.

Yes. There are up to two Roomette Carriages on board the train each with three medical waste bins (in each bathroom and separate toilet). Twinette room guests are also asked to use these for their medical waste as the Twinette ensuites are too small for containers.

Yes. Roomette Carriages on board the train have sanitary waste bins (in each bathroom and separate toilet). Please use these bins for sanitary pads, tampons and incontinence products. Twinette room guests are also asked to use these for their sanitary waste as the Twinette ensuites are too small for containers.

There is limited room in your compartment so please bring one ‘carry on’ bag (48cm h x 34cm w x 23cm d) per person and a garment bag. Both Twinette and Roomette compartments have hanging closets which will take 3-4 garments per person. In the Twinette compartments there is a luggage nook which will take 2 ‘carry on’ bags. In the Roomette compartments your luggage can be placed on the luggage racks above your footrest. Slim or soft luggage can be stowed under your seat.

No. We provide most of your toiletry needs on the train including shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap and moisturiser, so you don’t have to pack your own unless you want to. Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste though, as well as any medications you might need!

Our on-board chef can cater to most dietary requirements. Please provide your requirements when booking. If things change over time feel free to let us know before you board. You can also let your Guest Attendant know of any changes when you board the train.

Yes. Please advise us when you book and if there are forward facing rooms remaining we can accommodate this. Please note, the train will change direction during the tour and your compartment will be facing in the opposite direction. Please feel free to spend this time in the Lounge Car.

The Train will generally not be stabling at Railway Stations. Rather we stable on sidings either in goods yards at main stations or in yards some way from a town centre. This is to ensure the safety of our guests. Where there is an opportunity to disembark the train at night, Guest Attendants will speak with you about this on-board.

No. The Aurora Australis is strictly no smoking. This includes between the carriages and in the toilets. Guest Attendants will advise where and when guests can smoke when we arrive at Railway Stations.

The dress code on board the Aurora Australis is smart casual attire – we don’t require that you dress for dinner! We also advise that you bring a pair of comfy shoes for your off-train experiences.

Yes. There is free wifi on-board the Aurora Australis.

Yes. There is at least one 240 volt outlet in each room. This can be used for CPAP machines.

We have contactless payment options (debit or credit) for payment of alcoholic drinks and merchandise on board the Aurora Australis.

Yes. Vintage Rail Journeys is a Covid Safe business. Please see our website for our Covid Safe Protocols.

Yes. We do not have a No Child Policy as such, however, the tour has been developed for an older demographic and there are no children’s discounts. It is up to the guest to make a decision on whether it is something that they would like their children to do. There are no special menus nor children friendly off-train experiences.

No. There is not enough room to fit a mattress between the bed and the en-suite wall. It is also a major safety risk to have the floor covered like that during the night. The doors open inwardly so if we had to evacuate, it would be very difficult to get guests out of your cabin safely as the door to the cabin would be blocked.

Yes. There is a hairdryer in each of the Conductors Compartments in each Twinette Carriage. Guests may take it to their rooms for use and are asked to return it to the Conductors Compartment after use. There are also hairdryers in each bathroom in the Roomette Carriage.

Certified guide and service dogs are welcome onboard our carriages and tours. Please let us know at time of booking so that we may provide you (and your dog) the best experience we can while you are on tour with us.

For the comfort of all of our guests, pets are not welcome in our carriages or on our tours.