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Foster Connections and Friendships

At the heart of Vintage Rail Journeys lies a unique aspect that goes beyond the scenic landscapes and nostalgic charm—it’s a platform for fostering connections and friendships. Simon and Danielle recently had the pleasure of catching up with four guests who not only enjoyed the Riverina Rail Tour earlier in the year but were so captivated by the experience that they decided to embark on another adventure – this time the Golden West Rail Tour.

“So you guys came with us on the Riverina Rail Tour earlier this year, and you’ve backed up for another trip. So you must have enjoyed the Riverina.”

The response echoed with enthusiasm, “Oh yeah, the Riverina was lovely, yeah, brilliant, brilliant.”

Building Connections Beyond the Rails:

Shared Experiences:

Vintage Rail Journeys aims to foster shared experiences not just on board the train but with our off-train communities as well. One of the guests expressed, “What I find intriguing is that country towns have reinvented themselves by using new technology, something folds, and then, yeah, they move forward. They’re amazing people.” As the conversation unfolds, the guests spoke highly of the Riverina experience, emphasising the delightful moments, and singling out memorable aspects like Peter Piccolo’s breakfast. One of them reflected, “Getting out and actually meeting the producers, meeting the farmers, learning about things. You think you know your country, but you don’t.”

“And what I liked was that we have traveled NSW extensively, and you guys found places that we never knew existed.”

The decision to embark on a second journey together signifies not only the enjoyment of the destinations but also the joy found in each other’s company. On the Riverina, these companions were travelling as two seperate couples, but soon met each other at the dinner table. “We met on the first day, and we clicked then.” One of the couples was already booked on a later Golden West Rail Tour, and the second couple booked onto the same tour with them.

“We absolutely love it. And we are looking forward to coming back next year with my cousin from the States. We are coming back on the Riverina because I think she’ll love it.”

Exploring New Horizons:

“We’ve gone about 1500 kilometres on this trip, imagine driving that over five days—one person wouldn’t see half of it.” On a train, you see the country from a different perspective, the train is physically taller than a car and the tracks are very often through areas that are not too close to the roads. “We are seeing what a beautiful country this place is from a different perspective. Whereas when you are on a road, and half the time on a freeway, you don’t see anything. Here, we are seeing the animals, all the scenery; it’s just beautiful.”

Our tours are also fully escorted, we have sourced your off-train experiences as well as coaches to get you there and our crew are with you each step of the way letting you know timings and locations for your next adventure. “You’ve done all of the work, and we just sit back and enjoy it.”

And how about the train itself? “The cabins are comfortable, they’re great. And the cabin crew are super. It’s always appointed when you go back, they’ve fixed it up. When you go back to go to bed it’s all ready for you. It’s like having a butler.” “Yeah, the crew is absolutely brilliant. You have sourced some of the best people.”

In the world of Vintage Rail Journeys, the journey isn’t just about the destinations; it’s about the connections made along the way. Simon and Danielle’s encounter with these four guests reflects the magic of travel—a magic that turns a tour into a shared adventure, creating bonds and having a great time.

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