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What will you see from the train in Autumn 2024?

Discover the Beauty of Daytime Travel!

As the crisp breeze of autumn approaches, we can’t help but get excited about the breathtaking views awaiting the guests on our train. In this blog, we’ll delve into the wonders of autumn scenery, coupled with the unique experience of stable overnight stays that guarantee not just a good night’s sleep but also spectacular daytime vistas.

A Journey Through Nature’s Canvas

Autumn in New South Wales is a symphony of changing colours and mild temperatures, offering an ideal setting for Vintage Rail Journeys rail tours.

“Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year,” said Danielle Smith, Train Owner. “That might be because it is my birthday month!”

“But I also think that Autumn creates a tapestry of colours throughout regional NSW, and this offers a unique backdrop for our rail tours.”

The two rail tours offered in Autumn 2024: the Golden West and the Riverina, are a celebration of the connection between nature and local colour (people and place).

Autumn in the Riverina region is a spectacle to behold. The mild temperatures and the crisp, clean air create the perfect setting for cultural immersion and exploration. Our Golden West Rail Tour is also particularly good in Autumn as we travel on freight only lines across the Liverpool Plains stopping to meet with farmers and local producers allowing our guests to meet the maker or grower behind the produce.

Restful Nights and Scenic Delights

Our rail tours have been developed to balance the best of rail travel. To this end, we stable our train overnight which allows guests to get the best night’s sleep possible. While the romance of rail travel is often thought to be the rocking of the train as you sleep, the reality can sometimes be bumpy tracks and wobbly night time trips to the toilet!

Not only that – why would you want the best NSW scenery to pass by in the dark or while you are asleep? We want to make sure our guests experience the picturesque views of NSW during the day. This is why we try our best to schedule our tours during daylight hours: off-train experiences are generally in the morning and train travel in the afternoon.

To give you a sneak peek into the magic that awaits, we’ve compiled a collection of photos and videos from last year’s Autumn journeys. You will notice in our compilation some amazing sunsets – just another benefit of getting to our stabling location in the early evening!

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